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Welcome to Action Flood

The risk for people and goods is defined as the product of the probability of occurrence by the socio-economic impact (severity).

Floods risk are the result of natural processes (e.g. intense precipitation), which are enhanced by climate change and by impact of anthropogenic activities on the water cycle (e.g. soil sealing, river regularization). Local scale mitigation of flood risks associate to climate changes can be achieved (a) acting on the processes determining the rate of accumulation of water in a particular region or (b) reducing the socio-economic consequences of the floods.

Action Flood continuously monitors your watershed, integrating data from real time monitoring stations and numerical models to calculate the risk level in the upcoming hours.

Action Flood mitigates flood risk, because:

  • it gives you a better understanding of the processes involved on flood generation;
  • it allows you to transmit early alerts in order to reduce the impact caused by floods.
Widgets inform the operators in a user friendly way about the main variables in your watersheds.

Data Acquisition

Real Time Data from meteorological and hydrological stations is continuously downloaded and stored by the application. Forecast form global or local weather forecast systems is another source of data which Action Flood integrates. Data from data acquisition is used to provide best possible boundary conditions to the hydrological model and calculate current risk level.

Numerical Modeling

Action Flood is powered by MOHID Land which is a state of the art, physically based, distributed fully coupled 3D hydrological model. MOHID Land is composed by a set of different modules including river flow, overland flow, infiltration and groundwater flow. Integrated into Action Flood, MOHID Land reproduces continuously the last observed data and provides you forecasts for upcoming hours or days.

Risk Mitigation

Action Flood stores all acquired data as well results from all simulations, providing you a solid base of data for better understanding the processes in your watersheds. All data can be visualized through a user friendly interface. Risk levels can be configured based on any data series (acquired real time data or modeled forecast data). Alerts are transmitted to selected persons in functions of the current risk level, by email and by SMS.